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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Merry Christmas

I haven't been able to get on to post in ages.  My life has been just a little hectic. 
On Nov 6th.  My niece & work out buddy Ashlei got married.  It was a beautiful ceremony and the reception was so much fun.  We loved every minute of it.  My girls were the flower girls and looked fantastic in their red dresses with black sashes. 
Then on November 24th I had my knee surgery. The entire Thanksgiving weekend is a blur, I thought I knew what was happening around me but now I am not so sure.  Pain meds tend to leave the memory a little foggy.  I am healing nicely, and walking almost normal :).  I had my second session with the physical Therapist on Monday and then I get to go again today.  So all my money is going to them, not fun this close to Christmas.
On Dec.4th we celebrated my Grandpa's 90th Birthday.  It was a lot of fun, we had friends and family members from all over Texas come in for his party.  It was great we had 5 generations of our family in attendance.
On the diet and weight loss front my time with my trainer is officially over.  I had set a goal of loosing down to 200lbs by the wedding.  I met that goal!!  Now my next goal is 150lbs by June 1st.  Two of my friends from high School are getting married and have ask me to be a part of their wedding. Their wedding is May 28th.
As soon as this knee will let me I am going to have to get busy once again.  Because I want to meet (or exceed)  my goal. 

Please remember in your prayers, as I strive to lose this weight.

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