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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

9 lbs!

Wow, yesterday was all good. (Other than the problems with the left knee.)
I had surgery on the left knee in 1998 and it has been really giving me problems over the past week. It seems very weak and hurts as I work out. It could just be that I give in to it because it was the bad one for so long. I have an appointment set up for the 27th to have Dr. Binzer take a look at it.
I warmed up 5 minutes on the elliptical, by the end my knee was really shaking, so Bethany suggested I walk in a backward motion on the elliptical. That felt so much better on the knee, after that. We started off working the arms, shoulders and back for 20 minutes then we moved on to squats. After squats we played catch with "Bubba" a medicine ball. I had to throw it over this bar about 8 foot off the floor. Sometimes I could make it over, other times it would go to the top and fall back on my side. I had to make it over 15 times. Wow what a work out! It was fun though. I felt like I was back in kindergarten trying to make a basket in basketball.
Then it was on to the treadmill for a 5 minute cool down.
After the treadmill we had our weigh in. The scales I weighed on last week were not working so we had to use another set. They showed I had lost about 6 lbs. I told Bethany that my scales at home were showing 9 lbs so since they are the ones I use all the time we are going with that number.