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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ali is coming to town

Ali is my inspiration
She lost 112 lbs on the Biggest Loser, season 5.
I have just learned she will be in Weatherford on the 28th. 
I hope I can meet her and let her know what an inspiration she is.

The Biggest Loser?

When I arrived at the gym yesterday I checked in and started warming up on the treadmill. Bethany told me to meet her on the parking lot when I was warmed up.

So I went out to find Bethany on the far end of the parking lot with a kettle bell, about 8 small bean bags and these 2 pink square things.

I felt like I was about to do a Biggest Loser challenge. All the bean bags were in a row in the parking lot. My objective was to pick each of them up and skip or shuffle sideways to the pink square about 15 ft away throw the bean bag in the square and shuffle back. Sounds simple, sure no big deal, right.
Boy was I wrong first let me explain that this was 5:30 in the afternoon the temperature was about 88 and it had rained about an hour before, so it was steamy. Also the parking lot is not level so I was going up hill.

After all the bean bags were shuffled across the parking lot then I had to do 20 squats with the kettle bell, holding it above my head and swinging it down between my legs as I squated. Then I got to take a break before I switched directions and did the shuffle thing again this time leading with the right leg. Another 20 squats with the kettle bell, then we changed things up a little and this time instead of the shuffle I was to run as fast as I could up the lot, throw in the bean bag, then go slowly back to my starting point walking backward down the hill.

Did I mention the cars? Just as we would start to do something else there would be a car try to drive through our end of the lot. Or decide to try to park in a spot we were using. This was good for me because it meant I got to take a few extra breaks. It was a hard 20 minutes. I think my face was as red as my shorts by the time we were through.

When it was time to move back inside, the A/C felt great! Bethany had me to then use some machines that worked my arms and back. I would do 15 reps, then switch to the next machine for 15 reps and then back again.

Finally time to rest, my left knee was shaky as I climbed in the Jeep for the trip home. Once home I hurried to get dinner ready so that I could watch “The Biggest Loser” premier. I have always loved that show and wanted to audition but knew I couldn’t be away from my family and work that long. Now I realize that I have the same opportunity right here at home. So this afternoon in body pump class I am going to give my all just like it was a last chance workout. Because I want to see big results on Thursday when we weigh in and do measurements.

I think there are going to be good numbers this week, because I can tell my black pants are feeling even looser.  Yesterday I wore a pair of jeans that I haven't worn in months because they were too tight.   My friend Jana said she was going to have to get me some suspenders. 

Be blessed and have a great Wednesday!