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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Locked out!

Yesterday was a crazy day for me. I was running late as usual. As I was leaving Rebecca at my mother in laws house we realized that we had forgotten Becca's dance bag at home. So I gave my mother in law my house key. No big deal I can get it when I pick Rebecca up after work.
After school Elizabeth decided that she wanted Wade to pick her up on his way home. So she went with her dad. He told me he was going up to his parents and would probably be home by the time I was.
When I got home I grab my purse, get to the front door and realize that I don't have house keys. Wade is not home, and the cell reception is not that good at his mom's. (I can't call him to tell him I'm locked out.) My first thought is I will just go get mom's key. Mom & Dad are out of town my key to her house is locked in my house. There is not anyone in the office so I can't get in the office to get the key to mom's, to in turn get my key.

The only thing that is un-locked is mom's camper.
Since I still haven't cleaned it up from the sleep over this weekend I decide this is a good time to do so. It is amazing how easy it is to clean something so small and also amazing how fast you can clean it.
After I finish cleaning the camper I decide I will just sit in the car and wait for Wade to get there. I am really glad that I forgot to drop off Maryann's paper recycling while I was at the church. Because I had 3 or 4 months worth of Country Living magazines to read while waiting for Wade and the girls to come home.