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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Proud momma of a 10 year old!

Ten years ago today I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl. (she doesn't like for me to refer to her as a baby.) I still can not believe she is already 10 years old.
Seems like it was just yesterday we were checking into the hospital for induction, and then the long day of labor followed by an emergency c-section. (I'll tell the full gruesome story some other time)

She is worth every bit of it.
We are so proud of her, on March 8th she won best of show for her elementary school's art show. So on April 21st her art work will go on to a regional competition. Last week we learned that her children's book that she wrote and illustrated will also be going on to the regional competition.
So there is a real possibility that my daughter could some day be a published author!!
That is right I am one proud momma!