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Monday, September 13, 2010

Opps I forgot to post. Playing catch up

Sorry everyone I have been a little busy and forgot to post. Probably due to the lack of sugar and Caffeine. I had a coke on Thursday and haven't had one since.

Wednesday afternoon was the Body pump workout. WOW! I was thinking a 30 to 45 minute workout. WRONG! It was a full hour with a weight bar. I only had about 2lbs on there but it was enough. We were in a dark room with lots of mirrors. There was a little light coming through the door and there were neon lights across the front of the room but that was it. So you had this wonderful feeling that no one was watching you. And it was cool in there, lots of ceiling fans. If I'm gonna be sweating I want a fan!
There were lots of squats involved in this class and I could sure feel them on Thursday morning.

On Thursday afternoon it was time for my next workout with my trainer. This time we did squats, and we did small hand weights working my chest. We also used the big ball that you sit on or lay on with bar bells in hand. Lots of new experiences. After class I was so excited because I realized that I could do everything at home without some fancy expensive machine.

Friday morning I discovered that I have muscles that I didn't know existed. My underarms were so sore not to mention my thighs and belly. On Friday night while the family was hanging out watching TV, I went over to what my dad calls mom's playroom to workout. (Originally built for mom's treadmill. Then the table was put in there for scrap booking, then it became the jewelry making studio. Now there is also a deep freeze in there.) I walked a little over a mile as I was walking I alternated the incline up and down like you would if you were walking up a hill and then back to level. I learned this from my trainer it makes your heart rate rise and then go back down. Supposed to improve the workout. After my mile I did 35 squats, and some stretches. How strange that I just typed such a sentence. My Friday nights are usually spent watching a movie on lifetime while eating ice cream or cheese and crackers

Saturday morning YOGA. My first experience, with yoga was great very relaxing. I wanted to lay there in the floor and sleep for a couple of hours. Unfortunately I had to take a 4 year old to buy ballet shoes. After my mom spent a fortune on my girls at the shoe store we left the little one at home with Daddy, took the big one to meet a friend and Mom and I went to Fort Worth. While over there I bought one of those big exercise balls and a kettle bell weight. I plan on keeping them both in mom's play room away from children.

Sunday was is the Lord's day so I rested no workouts. Rested/overslept is there a difference?
After a wonderful worship service we rushed home fed the family then went to Wal-mart doing my part to help the Walton Family in business. Fixed a fruit salad to take to small group bible study (just in case there wasn't a healthy option). We had a wonderful bible study and one of the people we have been studying with decided to be baptized. So we went over to the Church building and had a baptism.
An awesome end to an awesome day!

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