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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A fun give away

Those of you that have been around me for any time know about my love for china & antique dishes of all types.  I acquired an wonderful new set, a place setting for 4 plus a few extra pieces.  We purchased it at an estate sale over Thanksgiving weekend.  I forgot all about this purchase until a few days ago when I stumbled across them in the back of my husbands truck.  They have been riding around in the camper since November. ( I know this is when we purchased them because my mom thought I was crazy going to an estate sale on crutches only 4 days after my knee surgery.)  I am blaming the lapse in memory on pain meds.
Last night I got to go through the box and thankfully nothing was broken. 
They are a beautiful white, with a light blue floral design, accented with silver trim.  Blue Whisper, made by Sheffield.

Not a high dollar set but very pretty. I think I may gift them to a certain young lady that I love dearly who is a newly wed. Then I can add to her set as I can afford to.

I have told you all of this to lead into the following. One of my favorite blogs is having a cool giveaway.  Please visit  and let them know you are visiting from Garner Girl.  This blog is about some of my favorite things, antiques linens, dishes and tablescapes.

I hope you all have a great day.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Good morning, I am trying something new today. I am posting to the Garner Girl via text message. Isn't technology fun. Have a great day.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Blah & Boring.

I have been visiting other blogs and have decided that Garner girl is to blah & boring.  So expect some changes over the next few weeks.  One of my main complaints with my blog is the fact that I don't have enough photo's.  So just as soon as I find the cord to my camera we will remedy that.  The cord I currently have is for the old camera.

Our weekend was anything but blah & boring.  On Saturday I attended Relay University in Irving.  This is an all day intensive workshop to teach volunteers how to do their jobs as Relay For Life volunteers.  I learned some great methods of fundraising.  I also learned the proper way to end an interview.  When the interviewer ask you is there anything else you would like to add.  Don't say no or I think we have covered everything.  The proper response is to reinterate your main point.  Such as....   "Please remember that Relay for life is the largest fundraiser for the American Cancer Society.  So come out to support us on Friday May 20th, at Hall Middle School in Weatherford."

After a full day of training I went home to pickup the kids to take them to a slumber party.  When I got there I discovered that they had helped their Daddy paint a storage shed in the yard.  The oldest wore her newest jeans.  And the younger one wore one of the few pairs of pants that are still long enough.  Sometimes I wonder what their daddy is thinking when he does these projects.

So after they were dressed we started the 35 mile trip to the community center where the party was to be held.  We had an unfortunate incident with a coke along the way.  Somehow as I was sitting my large styrofoam cup in the cup holder I accidently poked a hole in the bottom of the cup, with the straw of my daughters drink that was in the other cup holder.  So here we are sitting at a red light with a fountain of coke going everywhere in the front seat of my Jeep.  I had to get it out of the car but if I went to the right I would get coke all over my daughter so I had to go to the left accross my own lap, steering wheel & door.  After I finally got it out of the car, and poured out in the street.  I used every napkin in the car trying to clean up the sticky mess.  So for the next few hours I had to wear wet jeans. 

The party was fun, all the kids had a great time running and playing games.  The hit of the evening was a Wii game "just dance"  those crazy kids played it untill 2:00 AM.  Need less to say when they all finally layed down they were out!   Which was a really good thing for us moms who decided to stay and help out.  There were 17 kids spending the night, they ranged in age from 3 to 13.  Only 2 were friends from school all of the others were relatives of my cousin's little girl.  (We have a very large extended family)

Sunday morning we awoke to a room full of little girls who were ready to play the Wii again. 
The mommies in attendance just wanted to sleep a little longer, but with a little coffee we were ready to start folding up bedding in preparation for the trip home.  As I was loading my Jeep I remembered the coke incident from the evening before.  My steering wheel was extremely sticky, but I did manage to get 95% of the sticky stuff off of it and the door before I had to drive home.

As I said earlier my blog may look Blah but my life is anything but boring. 

Monday, January 17, 2011

8 Amazing Blogger Weight-Loss Transformations

8 Amazing Blogger Weight-Loss Transformations

I thought some of these people had some really good ideas. As I have gained a pound this past weekend I realize how easy it will be for me to gain it all back. I worked hard to lose my 26 lbs and I need to get back at it and lose an additional 25 to 50 lbs. I am going to make a committment to start working out again and get back to the healthy eating.

Friday, January 7, 2011

A New year and I am loosing again!

I was surprised on Tuesday when I stepped on the scales.  I had lost another 2 lbs :)
Then this morning as I was getting ready for work I weighed and got a real shock.  Another 2 lbs gone, I am down to 192.4 lbs.
I was digging through my desk looking for something and found a little note card where I was recording my weight loss a couple of years ago.  We were having one of those office weight loss competitions and every time you lost you put in a dollar if you gained you put in two.  Well the very last date on that card was April 7, 2008 and I weighed 192.6.  So I guess it has been three years since I was this size.  I hope to never be this size again.  
I have been released by my Doctor to return to normal activities.  Now I need to get back at the workouts so I can continue to lose.  I got a Jillian Michaels workout for the Wii for christmas.  I think I will try it tomorrow.