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Monday, September 6, 2010

Sep 6th

As part of my work with my personal trainer, I am supposed to keep a diet diary this week.
I am supposed to write down everything that I eat and drink.
Therefore, I was good and wrote everything down on Friday & Saturday. Yesterday and today are on little slips of paper, because I have been a little scatterbrained, as soon as I find my journal I will catch it up.

I have done pretty well on my exercise. I walked a mile on Saturday morning, and then slept too late on Sunday. This morning I tried to walk but my 4-year-old kept needing things. "Momma I need paper to draw. Momma can I watch cartoons" I finally gave up at 3/4 a mile. That is why I need to be alone to get my work out.

I feel like I am planning the last supper for tonight. We are having a big old sirloin Wade cooked on the grill with cowboy potatoes. Cowboy potatoes are a wonderful concoction of potatoes baked in lots of butter with garlic, bacon and Jalapenos. They are as far from healthy as a potato can get.

About 5 years ago, Wade bought me a bright yellow mountain bike at a garage sale. I loved it, I rode it a lot that spring. We had a contest among the girls at work to see who could loose the most before a company-sponsored trip to New Orleans. My competitive spirit kicked in, and I quit drinking cokes and rode my bike. I lost 35lbs. Therefore, I know I can do this diet and exercise thing. Shortly after loosing the weight, I became pregnant with my youngest.

On Friday I had a brilliant idea to dig out my bicycle so that I could ride with the kids to get a little exercise. I knew right where my bike was parked behind the shed. It has been parked there since we came home from our Labor Day camping trip 5 years ago. Over the past 5 years it has sat there the chain getting very rusty. The seat is cracked and there was a tree growing up through it.
I took pictures and will have to post them for you all to see.