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Monday, March 21, 2011

Good Things hapening in Weatherford

We have had an exciting weekend.  It all began on Friday night with a call from a reporter.
At about 5:00 Friday afternoon I learned that a reporter from WFAA wanted to interview my co-worker Pam.  I hung around for moral support and before it was all over I was part of the story.  The attached link is our 15 minutes of fame.

Then Sunday morning during worship there were more camera crews.  This time they interviewed Cody our youth Minister.  Then Sunday afternoon they were back to interview some of our members.,0,3862928.story

This morning I have been interviewed by the Mineral Wells Index for tomorrows newspaper.  I have also spoken to several people who are wanting to donate funds or services to help.
Wow isn't this so exciting, to see the community come together to help this poor lady.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A star for a soilder

Most of you know I am crafty. 
I love to sew, make jewelry, scrapbook, the list goes on.  Right now I am into quilting once again. :) While looking for a pattern I found the following. So I thought I should share. This cool project to make quilts for our service members. 
I am going to make a star block and I just wanted to share this with my friends who are crafty.
Just go to and print the patern and all the info you need to make a star for our troops.