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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Merry Christmas

I haven't been able to get on to post in ages.  My life has been just a little hectic. 
On Nov 6th.  My niece & work out buddy Ashlei got married.  It was a beautiful ceremony and the reception was so much fun.  We loved every minute of it.  My girls were the flower girls and looked fantastic in their red dresses with black sashes. 
Then on November 24th I had my knee surgery. The entire Thanksgiving weekend is a blur, I thought I knew what was happening around me but now I am not so sure.  Pain meds tend to leave the memory a little foggy.  I am healing nicely, and walking almost normal :).  I had my second session with the physical Therapist on Monday and then I get to go again today.  So all my money is going to them, not fun this close to Christmas.
On Dec.4th we celebrated my Grandpa's 90th Birthday.  It was a lot of fun, we had friends and family members from all over Texas come in for his party.  It was great we had 5 generations of our family in attendance.
On the diet and weight loss front my time with my trainer is officially over.  I had set a goal of loosing down to 200lbs by the wedding.  I met that goal!!  Now my next goal is 150lbs by June 1st.  Two of my friends from high School are getting married and have ask me to be a part of their wedding. Their wedding is May 28th.
As soon as this knee will let me I am going to have to get busy once again.  Because I want to meet (or exceed)  my goal. 

Please remember in your prayers, as I strive to lose this weight.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

MRI Results are in!

I went to the doctor again on Monday, to learn the results of my MRI. Dr. Binzer wants to scope my left knee. (My first knee surgery was in 1998) This time he will remove some torn cartilage and move the kneecap over. The pain I have been experiencing is because one of the bones in my knee is rubbing on the back of the kneecap and it is wearing out the kneecap. Dr. Binzer gave me the option of waiting a few years or doing it now.   If we wait a few years we will be looking at a knee replacement, by scoping it now we are putting the knee replacement on hold for another 10 or 15 years. I really don’t want to even think about the pain involved with a replacement. So I decided to let him scope.

The surgery is scheduled for November 24th, the day before Thanksgiving. So while my family is eating Thanksgiving dinner I will be propped up on the couch.  I don’t need to eat all of that anyway. Now I need to get the house ready to be able to navigate on crutches (no toys in the floor). I also need to arrange for child care because a hospital waiting room is no place for a 4 year old, plus I want to be able to rest when I get home from surgery.

The work outs are going good, my 12 weeks with the trainer will end the week I have surgery so I need to work extra hard this next 4 weeks so I can show good final #’s.  My personal goal is to be below 200 in the next week. If I drink lots of water and really watch my diet I know I can do it. 

I realized last night while watching Biggest loser that I am like Elizabeth on the show.  I am a wimp and I give up on myself and make excuses.  If I don't do the work, I won't gain the rewards.  I know that I need to push through the pain and keep going.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Size 16!

Some of may not think a size 16 is anything special. But when you have been wearing a 18 or 20 it is a wonderful accomplishment.  The scales may not be showing big losses but I am wearing smaller pants.

I am really enjoying my more active life. I decided to ride my mountain bike on Friday afternoon. Elizabeth was on her bike and I was on mine with Becca and our dog Cookie running along with us. This sounded so good at the time but about a quarter of a mile into our adventure Becca was tired and we had to turn around.   Not to mention the fact that it was getting dark and  the stupid dog kept stopping in front of me.  I nearly had a wreck several times.

This afternoon I plan to chain  the dog and then run off from all of them and try my best to get in a good workout.   We have over 200 acres for me to explore just like Brian and I did when we were kids.  I am really looking forward. 

 If I get to tired Wade can always come in the truck to rescue me.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Mi vida loca

My crazy life. 
This has been a couple of crazy weeks.  We seem to be constantly running from one activity to another. 
Last Tuesday night was the Healthy Woman event where Ali Vincent was the guest speaker.  It was wonderful to get to meet Ali and hear about her experiences on the show.  (I will try to post the photo's just as soon as I get time to up load them.)  While at the event I saw a friend who I hadn't seen in months, she had lost 80lbs and is looking amazing.  I am so happy for her.   Ali said that when she didn't thing she could walk any more on the treadmill she would go one minute on & one minute off.  She said " I can do anything for a minute."  That was going through my head as my knee was hurting yesterday at the gym.  I can do this, one minute at a time.

On the work out and diet front I haven't been doing so good on loosing the weight.  I think I have been eating out too much.  So this week I have been carrying my lunch and trying to stay on target.  I did extremely well yesterday.  When I added my callories for the day I discovered that I had only eaten 660 callories all day,  no wonder I was still hungry at bed time.  The good news was that my scales showed a loss of another pound this morning.!!!!!

Gotta run nearly time to go to the gym.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Small changes make a big difference.

I have to admit it is fun for people I have known for years to notice I am loosing weight. Today I am wearing a hot pink sweater set that a friend gave me. It is an extra large not a 2X ! I am also wearing a necklace that I quit wearing about a year ago because it was too tight on my neck.

Yesterday as I walked out of the dressing room at the gym I met my niece Ashlei. She had just joined the gym. I ask her if she wanted to work out with me. So off we went to find my trainer Bethany.

First off Bethany had us to jog around the parking lot. Then we raced up the parking lot & walked back. My competitive spirit kicked in, I couldn’t let my 24 year old niece beat me. So I ran my hardest.

Then we went back in the gym to do some squats and leg work. We had a blast and the time just flew by.

Then it was time to play catch with the bubba ball. I loved watching Ashlei try to get that ball over the bar. Here she is 24 years old and about 4 inches taller than me and 60 lbs lighter. She is in great shape and I realized that it was hard for everyone not just me. It made me feel so much better about what I can now do.

I have not had a coke since September 9th!  I feel like I have really accomplished something, I am making positive changes in my life. I know that without the Lord none of this would be possible.

Proverbs 3:5-6
Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.
In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

PS.  Today is the day I get to meet Ali from Biggest Loser!  I will post pictures tomorrow

Thursday, September 23, 2010

More Energy

I saw really good numbers on the scale this morning. Thank you GOD!

Today I am wearing a pair of pants that I have not worn for the past 2 years.

Due to a situation beyond my control I was not able to go to the body pump class last night. I was really looking forward to it.

I barely made it to church last night. Every mussel was so sore from Tuesday’s workout. After my Bible study I started to send my husband Wade up the stairs to get our girls from class. As he was starting up the stairs I thought no.  That is the old Loree who avoids stairs. The new more active Loree takes the stairs. So I jogged up, passing Wade as I went. One of the ladies who were coming up stairs behind me said “I can’t believe it. Where do you get your energy?” I told her I was sore from working out and wanted to get up as fast as I could. She then told me she could tell I was loosing weight. She said she could tell my face was getting smaller. :)

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.  Philippians 4:13

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ali is coming to town

Ali is my inspiration
She lost 112 lbs on the Biggest Loser, season 5.
I have just learned she will be in Weatherford on the 28th. 
I hope I can meet her and let her know what an inspiration she is.

The Biggest Loser?

When I arrived at the gym yesterday I checked in and started warming up on the treadmill. Bethany told me to meet her on the parking lot when I was warmed up.

So I went out to find Bethany on the far end of the parking lot with a kettle bell, about 8 small bean bags and these 2 pink square things.

I felt like I was about to do a Biggest Loser challenge. All the bean bags were in a row in the parking lot. My objective was to pick each of them up and skip or shuffle sideways to the pink square about 15 ft away throw the bean bag in the square and shuffle back. Sounds simple, sure no big deal, right.
Boy was I wrong first let me explain that this was 5:30 in the afternoon the temperature was about 88 and it had rained about an hour before, so it was steamy. Also the parking lot is not level so I was going up hill.

After all the bean bags were shuffled across the parking lot then I had to do 20 squats with the kettle bell, holding it above my head and swinging it down between my legs as I squated. Then I got to take a break before I switched directions and did the shuffle thing again this time leading with the right leg. Another 20 squats with the kettle bell, then we changed things up a little and this time instead of the shuffle I was to run as fast as I could up the lot, throw in the bean bag, then go slowly back to my starting point walking backward down the hill.

Did I mention the cars? Just as we would start to do something else there would be a car try to drive through our end of the lot. Or decide to try to park in a spot we were using. This was good for me because it meant I got to take a few extra breaks. It was a hard 20 minutes. I think my face was as red as my shorts by the time we were through.

When it was time to move back inside, the A/C felt great! Bethany had me to then use some machines that worked my arms and back. I would do 15 reps, then switch to the next machine for 15 reps and then back again.

Finally time to rest, my left knee was shaky as I climbed in the Jeep for the trip home. Once home I hurried to get dinner ready so that I could watch “The Biggest Loser” premier. I have always loved that show and wanted to audition but knew I couldn’t be away from my family and work that long. Now I realize that I have the same opportunity right here at home. So this afternoon in body pump class I am going to give my all just like it was a last chance workout. Because I want to see big results on Thursday when we weigh in and do measurements.

I think there are going to be good numbers this week, because I can tell my black pants are feeling even looser.  Yesterday I wore a pair of jeans that I haven't worn in months because they were too tight.   My friend Jana said she was going to have to get me some suspenders. 

Be blessed and have a great Wednesday!


Friday, September 17, 2010

4 inches

Bethany measured me last night, I am down 3 1/4 inches in my thighs, 1/2 inch in the hips and 1 inch in the waist.
My baby steps are going to turn into giant steps. Yesterday Bethany suggested I start taking what she calls a fat stacker to help me loose weight. Which consist taking fish oil 2 times a day.
CLA (?) with 3 meals. Caffeine and Green Tea Extract. I had the fish oil at home so now I have to go to GNC and do some shopping to get the rest of it.

Bethany also suggested that I try to get one of my friends to join the gym to be my workout buddy. So if any of you are interested call Bethany 817-507-7399 and talk to her about working out.

I got a call today from Melissa Winn of the Weatherford Telegram. She is going to talk about me and my blog in her article this week. I am so excited that means more readers for the Garner Girl!

Have a great day, and enjoy your Friday.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

9 lbs!

Wow, yesterday was all good. (Other than the problems with the left knee.)
I had surgery on the left knee in 1998 and it has been really giving me problems over the past week. It seems very weak and hurts as I work out. It could just be that I give in to it because it was the bad one for so long. I have an appointment set up for the 27th to have Dr. Binzer take a look at it.
I warmed up 5 minutes on the elliptical, by the end my knee was really shaking, so Bethany suggested I walk in a backward motion on the elliptical. That felt so much better on the knee, after that. We started off working the arms, shoulders and back for 20 minutes then we moved on to squats. After squats we played catch with "Bubba" a medicine ball. I had to throw it over this bar about 8 foot off the floor. Sometimes I could make it over, other times it would go to the top and fall back on my side. I had to make it over 15 times. Wow what a work out! It was fun though. I felt like I was back in kindergarten trying to make a basket in basketball.
Then it was on to the treadmill for a 5 minute cool down.
After the treadmill we had our weigh in. The scales I weighed on last week were not working so we had to use another set. They showed I had lost about 6 lbs. I told Bethany that my scales at home were showing 9 lbs so since they are the ones I use all the time we are going with that number.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I lost! Or maybe I won!

Today is weigh in, and measurement day.
I know I have lost I just don't know how much yet.
When I dressed this morning my blouse was loose around the middle. It hung straight down from my bust line it did not catch on my belly.

One time as my mother weighed and announced she lost. Rebecca wanted to weigh so she let her and told her it was 28 lbs. Then Becca said "I won, I won" 4 is such a fun age.

In this transformers contest to loose is to win. So I am ready for weigh in this afternoon so I can see the numbers.

Have a great day. I will post tonight.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Opps I forgot to post. Playing catch up

Sorry everyone I have been a little busy and forgot to post. Probably due to the lack of sugar and Caffeine. I had a coke on Thursday and haven't had one since.

Wednesday afternoon was the Body pump workout. WOW! I was thinking a 30 to 45 minute workout. WRONG! It was a full hour with a weight bar. I only had about 2lbs on there but it was enough. We were in a dark room with lots of mirrors. There was a little light coming through the door and there were neon lights across the front of the room but that was it. So you had this wonderful feeling that no one was watching you. And it was cool in there, lots of ceiling fans. If I'm gonna be sweating I want a fan!
There were lots of squats involved in this class and I could sure feel them on Thursday morning.

On Thursday afternoon it was time for my next workout with my trainer. This time we did squats, and we did small hand weights working my chest. We also used the big ball that you sit on or lay on with bar bells in hand. Lots of new experiences. After class I was so excited because I realized that I could do everything at home without some fancy expensive machine.

Friday morning I discovered that I have muscles that I didn't know existed. My underarms were so sore not to mention my thighs and belly. On Friday night while the family was hanging out watching TV, I went over to what my dad calls mom's playroom to workout. (Originally built for mom's treadmill. Then the table was put in there for scrap booking, then it became the jewelry making studio. Now there is also a deep freeze in there.) I walked a little over a mile as I was walking I alternated the incline up and down like you would if you were walking up a hill and then back to level. I learned this from my trainer it makes your heart rate rise and then go back down. Supposed to improve the workout. After my mile I did 35 squats, and some stretches. How strange that I just typed such a sentence. My Friday nights are usually spent watching a movie on lifetime while eating ice cream or cheese and crackers

Saturday morning YOGA. My first experience, with yoga was great very relaxing. I wanted to lay there in the floor and sleep for a couple of hours. Unfortunately I had to take a 4 year old to buy ballet shoes. After my mom spent a fortune on my girls at the shoe store we left the little one at home with Daddy, took the big one to meet a friend and Mom and I went to Fort Worth. While over there I bought one of those big exercise balls and a kettle bell weight. I plan on keeping them both in mom's play room away from children.

Sunday was is the Lord's day so I rested no workouts. Rested/overslept is there a difference?
After a wonderful worship service we rushed home fed the family then went to Wal-mart doing my part to help the Walton Family in business. Fixed a fruit salad to take to small group bible study (just in case there wasn't a healthy option). We had a wonderful bible study and one of the people we have been studying with decided to be baptized. So we went over to the Church building and had a baptism.
An awesome end to an awesome day!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Body Pump class

Yesterday was my first experience with the body pump class. Wow!

I will tell you all about it later. Right now it is time for me to go to my second work-out with Bethany. I am loving this. Who would have ever thought I would like it this much.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

First Work out

Yesterday I was so excited and scared at the same time. I got off work and drove to the gym. When I arrived I said a little prayer asking for strength. Something I need a lot of.

Once I got in the Gym I found my trainer she put me on the treadmill for 5 minutes to see what I could do. While she read my food diary. Big surprise she said I was eating the wrong foods.
Then we moved to the other side of the building to a bunch of machines I don't even know the names of.
The first one was this thing that I stood on and spun this crank thing with my hands for like 30 seconds slow then 30 sec really fast and hard. Then I changed the direction and spun it toward myself with the same 30 fast and 30 slow. After about 5 minutes I thought I like this, but it is getting hard.

Then we moved on to the next torture device, um I mean machine. This one I got to sit on yea I can rest my spaghetti legs. Wrong this one was working the legs. I had to push these big pedals trying to use the heel more than the toe. By this time my shorts were just a little sweaty and I was slip sliding around like you wouldn't believe.

After 5 minutes we moved on to a thing that was sort of like a bike. More like a recumbent bike the pedals were in front of me rather than below. Again we did the fast and slow thing, for 5 minutes by this time my left knee was shaking really bad.

When I thought I was sure to throw up, we moved back to the evil crank thing for another 5 minutes. My only thought was at least I am not having to push with my legs. When I was on the verge of tears Bethany told me it was time to stop and go to another area. Yes, I get to get away from those torture devices!

Wrong we moved on to something I thought looked so cool when I saw them doing it on Biggest Looser. Well let me be perfectly clear the moving stairway is not cool. It is extremely scary. I just knew I was going to miss a step and fall to the floor. But I did survive my 5 minutes on the stair thing. My friend Carrie said that she only made it 3 minutes the first time on that machine so I do feel better to know I at least made the whole 5 minutes.

Then the scariest part of the day was when we went into the dressing room to measure me. I know I am fat. I know that I am lumpy and terribly out of shape but, I had no idea my waist and hips were that big around. I know that sounds silly but I don't measure myself that often so I was really shocked at the #'s. When she weighed me I weighed 4 lbs more than I did at home but, I was wearing clothes and shoes so I am assuming that is the 4 lbs.

This morning I woke up and stretched and got the surprise of my life. I am not sore! My body feels great. The only place I am slightly sore is in my left knee. The big surprise is that when I weighed at home this morning I had lost 2 lbs since yesterday morning. It was probably all sweat.

I am not supposed to meet with my trainer again until Thursday but she teaches a class this afternoon at 5:30. I have decided to go get that extra workout, wow I am volunteering for excises I may be possessed.

Have a wonderful day and be blessed.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Please let me know you are following my blog

Please click on the little follow button over to the left. To let me know you are following me on this scary journey.
I would also appreciate your words of encouragement & prayers
:) Thank you

Monday, September 6, 2010

Sep 6th

As part of my work with my personal trainer, I am supposed to keep a diet diary this week.
I am supposed to write down everything that I eat and drink.
Therefore, I was good and wrote everything down on Friday & Saturday. Yesterday and today are on little slips of paper, because I have been a little scatterbrained, as soon as I find my journal I will catch it up.

I have done pretty well on my exercise. I walked a mile on Saturday morning, and then slept too late on Sunday. This morning I tried to walk but my 4-year-old kept needing things. "Momma I need paper to draw. Momma can I watch cartoons" I finally gave up at 3/4 a mile. That is why I need to be alone to get my work out.

I feel like I am planning the last supper for tonight. We are having a big old sirloin Wade cooked on the grill with cowboy potatoes. Cowboy potatoes are a wonderful concoction of potatoes baked in lots of butter with garlic, bacon and Jalapenos. They are as far from healthy as a potato can get.

About 5 years ago, Wade bought me a bright yellow mountain bike at a garage sale. I loved it, I rode it a lot that spring. We had a contest among the girls at work to see who could loose the most before a company-sponsored trip to New Orleans. My competitive spirit kicked in, and I quit drinking cokes and rode my bike. I lost 35lbs. Therefore, I know I can do this diet and exercise thing. Shortly after loosing the weight, I became pregnant with my youngest.

On Friday I had a brilliant idea to dig out my bicycle so that I could ride with the kids to get a little exercise. I knew right where my bike was parked behind the shed. It has been parked there since we came home from our Labor Day camping trip 5 years ago. Over the past 5 years it has sat there the chain getting very rusty. The seat is cracked and there was a tree growing up through it.
I took pictures and will have to post them for you all to see.

Friday, September 3, 2010

The Transformers

I am excited to announce that I have been selected to participate in "The Transformers".
The Transformers is a local version of a biggest looser type program. I will be working out with a personal trainer for the next 12 weeks. I am asking all of my friends to please pray for me over the next 12 weeks as I learn better dietary habits and the correct way to excises.
I got up an hour early this morning and walked on my mom's treadmill. It took me about 25 minutes to walk a mile at a "0" incline at a speed level of 2.5. I know that once I hit the gym on Tuesday I will have to up those #'s but I want to start out slow so my trainer doesn't kill me on Tuesday.

I just want to say thank you to Fit Now Fitness for offering this program. You will never know what this opportunity means to me.

I invite all of my friends and family to check in on my progress here on the blog.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

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Elizabeth & Rebecca
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The Ellis Family

Wade Ellis

These photos were all taken by Anna Belew.
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Life's a beach

Mustang Island Summer of 2010

We had a great vacation this summer. We went to Rockport & Port Aransas again. Our girls love the beach. It was really nice to just sit on the beach and read while they played and picked up shells.

I just had to check in and let you know I am still alive. ha ha. I have been writing!!! very excited about this new project.

Gotta Run!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

wow what a busy month

I can't believe it has been nearly a month since I last signed on to this blog.
Where has the time gone??? I have been so busy trying to keep up with the kids & the house that I haven't sat down to write anything!
One big thing that has been consuming our time lately is our yard. It seems like we are spending more time out side than ever. Wade has done a such a fabulous job on the yard and new patio area that I want to live out there.

Another time consuming event is the fact that I am so into genealogy again.
I want to be looking up people and dates all the time. This past weekend I found another CSA Veteran in my direct line 3rd Great Grandfather David D Anderson.
On my mothers side there is GW Harrison (Currier for General Sterling Price), & John B Bratcher (19th Tenn Infantry company D).
On Daddy's side William Burl Leatherman (Don't have much pension, application to prove he served) & David D. Anderson (Border's Regt Texas Cav CSA)
I haven't even began to delve into the Ellis side for the girls. My next step is to find all of the proof.

Maybe I will find out some cool information this weekend at the Leatherman Reunion or the next at the Hudson.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Family Reunilon Time

Whew I survived! Saturday was the Ellis family Reunion. Followed by the Plumlee Reunion on Sunday. I have almost caught up on all the dishes and laundry. It is amazing how far behind you get when you aren't doing laundry all weekend.
With all of the family reunions that makes me want to work on genealogy. Working on my genealogy makes me want to write even more there are so many wonderful stories associated with our family history. It is such a shame that so many wonderful stories die with our ancestors.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Yard Work, Yard Work & More Yard Work

Two weeks ago we worked in the yard all day on Saturday trying to get the yard ready for our small group from church to come over for a cookout. Then after so much work we decided to move the party indoors because it turned off too cold for us to sit outside.
Last weekend we again worked in our yard trying to fix a problem spot that is terribly un-even and where the grass will not grow. I worked all afternoon digging a ditch to divert water, then I dug out another area to put in a retaining wall.
This past week we put in a new flower bed and planted 4 shrubs. Then Wade worked all afternoon leveling a place in our yard for a patio. We have been married for 12 years and have lived there the entire time and now are finally doing some much needed landscaping. Next week we will lay sod! I am so excited about our new outdoor living area.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Elizabeth does it again

My wonderfully creative daughter has once again made me so proud of her.
Yesterday we learned that her art work won Second Place at the Association of Christian Schools International Regional Art show. Her response "It's only second"
She won First Place at for her class at the school Art show and Best of Show for her elementary school.
I guess she is humble, while mom is overly boastful.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Locked out!

Yesterday was a crazy day for me. I was running late as usual. As I was leaving Rebecca at my mother in laws house we realized that we had forgotten Becca's dance bag at home. So I gave my mother in law my house key. No big deal I can get it when I pick Rebecca up after work.
After school Elizabeth decided that she wanted Wade to pick her up on his way home. So she went with her dad. He told me he was going up to his parents and would probably be home by the time I was.
When I got home I grab my purse, get to the front door and realize that I don't have house keys. Wade is not home, and the cell reception is not that good at his mom's. (I can't call him to tell him I'm locked out.) My first thought is I will just go get mom's key. Mom & Dad are out of town my key to her house is locked in my house. There is not anyone in the office so I can't get in the office to get the key to mom's, to in turn get my key.

The only thing that is un-locked is mom's camper.
Since I still haven't cleaned it up from the sleep over this weekend I decide this is a good time to do so. It is amazing how easy it is to clean something so small and also amazing how fast you can clean it.
After I finish cleaning the camper I decide I will just sit in the car and wait for Wade to get there. I am really glad that I forgot to drop off Maryann's paper recycling while I was at the church. Because I had 3 or 4 months worth of Country Living magazines to read while waiting for Wade and the girls to come home.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Proud momma of a 10 year old!

Ten years ago today I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl. (she doesn't like for me to refer to her as a baby.) I still can not believe she is already 10 years old.
Seems like it was just yesterday we were checking into the hospital for induction, and then the long day of labor followed by an emergency c-section. (I'll tell the full gruesome story some other time)

She is worth every bit of it.
We are so proud of her, on March 8th she won best of show for her elementary school's art show. So on April 21st her art work will go on to a regional competition. Last week we learned that her children's book that she wrote and illustrated will also be going on to the regional competition.
So there is a real possibility that my daughter could some day be a published author!!
That is right I am one proud momma!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I have enrolled in Book's Authors & all that Jazz!
Wade and the girls can have a fun day with out me.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Books'n Authors 'n All that Jazz

I just saw in the news paper that Weatherford College will host a free writer's workshop on April 24th. I attended the first one of these about 10 years ago. It was a good workshop. this one looks really good with tons more information.

Why do these thing always have to fall on my kids birthdays? Maybe I can schedule Rebecca's Birthday party for Sunday afternoon rather than Saturday.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Trying to write again after too many years

Today after talking to two of my friends who also love to write I decided it was time to get busy again. I turned on the computer to work on one of my many works in (not so much) progress.
Only to discover that none of my stories were on my hard drive. "Oh yea I forgot it crashed a couple of years ago." No big deal, I dug out my box of back up disk. I know you remember those little colorful plastic floppy disk we used to save everything on. (told you it had been a while since I had done any serious writing.) OK so I know you are thinking computers don't use floppy disk any more. I think 2003 when we purchased this computer was probably one of the last years they sold computers that used floppies. Any way mine has that little slot, so I'm in business. Ready to write again, ready to be creative. There were so many tempting colorful disk to choose from.
There was the Orange disk: "A timeless Love" (Civil War Time Travel romance. ) Hey it was 1994 time travels were the thing.
Yellow Disk: "Flying S guest ranch" my cowboy story.
Grey Disk: "Good news" reporter & Texas Ranger story.
Dark Blue Disk: "Palo Duro Story/ Not really titled yet. Another cowboy story.
Lt Blue Disk: All story outlines
Pink Disk: Research, Work Logs and all sorts of things related to writing.

Elizabeth was in the shower, Rebecca is in bed. Wade is watching TV, it was as quiet as it gets around here.
I sat here ready to write just one problem. When I put the disk in the little slot it came right back out. I tried 4 or 5 times before I decided that the disk drive must be broken. Now I am back at square one. I can either start over from scratch on everything or talk to our good friend and computer expert Randy. I hope he can fix this or I will be back at the beginning.
My very first post to my blog. This isn't going to be anything fancy just a place for me to ramble about things happening in my life.

I have dreamed for years about writing the great American novel. Something about being a wife and mother and full time employee has always seemed to get in my way.

I have a couple of friends who also write. We are encouraging each other to write, and then actually submit our work for publication.

:0 A scary thought for me, that would mean people would read the things I write.

What if they don't like it? What if they think it is dumb or boring? I don't know if I could handle that rejection.

I have a confession to make. My grammer is SO bad I am terrified for people to read my writing. I know it is a silly fear for someone who wants to be an author.

But I'm being honest it is a scary thing for me. I have decided that this is a good place to get a little practice.

When I write something I read it then re write over and over. Then I get caught up in silly details and never move on.