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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Thoughts on writing & this blog

Some days I get down when I realize that I started trying to write in 1994.  If my book were a baby it would be graduating from high school this year.   That book started out as a typical Civil War Historical Romance.  Then in about 1995 I discovered that Time Travel was the hot thing selling so I transformed this story into a time travel.    Then a couple of years later learned that Time Travels were no longer selling so I cut out the time travel elements and went back to the original format. 
Fast forward to 1998 when the thing in romance was the modern day cowboy/baby/cop book.  If a book was to sell it had to have one or two of those elements.  Then paranormal & vampire stories were all the rage  and I said this is for the birds.  I am going to write the story I want and not worry about what is the popular thing to write.

In 2000 I had my first child so all my stories revolved around heroines who had babies.   By the time daughter # 2 was born in 2006 I was so sick of trying to follow market trends I just gave up on writing.  Also some where in there my hard drive crashed and my stories were all gone.

2010 I decided the best way for me to write was to blog.  As you can tell I am not posting that often and when I do my post are random, (Hmmm like me) Someone ask me once how do I characterize my blog.  It is not a home decorating blog, or a quilting/sewing blog, nor is it a travel blog, or even a christian devotional blog, certainly not a healthy life style/exercise blog.

So if you are into Sewing/Quilting, crafts, cooking, bible study, writing/reading, genealogy, history, civil war reenacting hang out for a while and I am sure we will cover the topic

Garner Girl has a little bit of all my interest, my followers are few and that is ok.  Because I do this for me.  Sure I would love to have 100's of followers, but I am just fine with the few I have.

Wow all of that to say, I would like to share a cool site I found today.
Grammar Girl has answers to those grammar questions we struggle with.  I tried to enclose a link I hope it works.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

A family in Need

I personally don't know Mr Mathis but I do know some of his friends in the Garner Community. They are asking for prayers and donations for his family as he is in the hospital battling cancer. I added a link to the donation page earlier today you can also go to
to make donations if you would like to.
Thanks Loree

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Bragging on another Garner Girl

Can I brag for a minute? It is not often that we have the opportunity to brag that one of our own is a published author. My cousin Keisha who also grew up in the Garner community will soon release her first book. We are all so happy for her, and I just wanted to take the opportunity to toot her horn.
Keisha is an amazing lady who has learned so much about living with diabeties and has written a book to help parents and students learn to prevent this disease. Please check out her website

Love ya Keisha and can't wait to get my autographed copy :)