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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Thoughts on writing & this blog

Some days I get down when I realize that I started trying to write in 1994.  If my book were a baby it would be graduating from high school this year.   That book started out as a typical Civil War Historical Romance.  Then in about 1995 I discovered that Time Travel was the hot thing selling so I transformed this story into a time travel.    Then a couple of years later learned that Time Travels were no longer selling so I cut out the time travel elements and went back to the original format. 
Fast forward to 1998 when the thing in romance was the modern day cowboy/baby/cop book.  If a book was to sell it had to have one or two of those elements.  Then paranormal & vampire stories were all the rage  and I said this is for the birds.  I am going to write the story I want and not worry about what is the popular thing to write.

In 2000 I had my first child so all my stories revolved around heroines who had babies.   By the time daughter # 2 was born in 2006 I was so sick of trying to follow market trends I just gave up on writing.  Also some where in there my hard drive crashed and my stories were all gone.

2010 I decided the best way for me to write was to blog.  As you can tell I am not posting that often and when I do my post are random, (Hmmm like me) Someone ask me once how do I characterize my blog.  It is not a home decorating blog, or a quilting/sewing blog, nor is it a travel blog, or even a christian devotional blog, certainly not a healthy life style/exercise blog.

So if you are into Sewing/Quilting, crafts, cooking, bible study, writing/reading, genealogy, history, civil war reenacting hang out for a while and I am sure we will cover the topic

Garner Girl has a little bit of all my interest, my followers are few and that is ok.  Because I do this for me.  Sure I would love to have 100's of followers, but I am just fine with the few I have.

Wow all of that to say, I would like to share a cool site I found today.
Grammar Girl has answers to those grammar questions we struggle with.  I tried to enclose a link I hope it works.