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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Prayer Walk

I recently learned about a prayer walk being planned for the Millsap ISD.  I thought it was a great idea to meet and pray for the students before the new school year began. 

I thought I wish someone would do that at Garner.  Then this morning it hit me why not organize it myself.  I have made several calls and I have a preacher lined up to do an opening prayer and I will contact another from a neighboring church to do a closing prayer after we walk around the campus praying for our children, school & community.  There will also be bottled water donated to refresh our participants.  I am so excited that this is coming together.

Garner Prayer Walk
Tuesday August 20th
7:00 pm

Parents, grandparents, neighbors & friends you are all invited to join us as we gather at the Garner rails to trails parking area, to walk to the school and pray over our newly remodeled building, & playground area.

We will be praying for our students, faculty & community.

I look forward to this time to get to know more of our neighbors.

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