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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Mi vida loca

My crazy life. 
This has been a couple of crazy weeks.  We seem to be constantly running from one activity to another. 
Last Tuesday night was the Healthy Woman event where Ali Vincent was the guest speaker.  It was wonderful to get to meet Ali and hear about her experiences on the show.  (I will try to post the photo's just as soon as I get time to up load them.)  While at the event I saw a friend who I hadn't seen in months, she had lost 80lbs and is looking amazing.  I am so happy for her.   Ali said that when she didn't thing she could walk any more on the treadmill she would go one minute on & one minute off.  She said " I can do anything for a minute."  That was going through my head as my knee was hurting yesterday at the gym.  I can do this, one minute at a time.

On the work out and diet front I haven't been doing so good on loosing the weight.  I think I have been eating out too much.  So this week I have been carrying my lunch and trying to stay on target.  I did extremely well yesterday.  When I added my callories for the day I discovered that I had only eaten 660 callories all day,  no wonder I was still hungry at bed time.  The good news was that my scales showed a loss of another pound this morning.!!!!!

Gotta run nearly time to go to the gym.