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Thursday, September 8, 2011

A family in Need

I personally don't know Mr Mathis but I do know some of his friends in the Garner Community. They are asking for prayers and donations for his family as he is in the hospital battling cancer. I added a link to the donation page earlier today you can also go to
to make donations if you would like to.
Thanks Loree

1 comment:

  1. * lifting this man up in prayer, knowing our Lord will meet his needs, moment by moment - and bring peace to him and his loved ones. thank you for sharing about him, loree. i'll continue in prayer.

    * and thank you for sharing on my blog. normal. oh yes! i'm **tired** of seeing perfection in the blog world and quite honestly, it's easy to join the band wagon. well, yesterday (and continuing today..) is a no good, horrible, yucko day and sharing from my heart and dusty, cruddy and sticky home was part of it. i'm GLAD! :o)